INSTAGRAM4FASHION ONLINE COURSE How to grow your Instagram Followers and Turn them into Customers for Fashion Business.

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Looking to grow your Instagram followers for your Fashion Business?  

Are you struggling on how to turn your Instagram followers into Customers?  

Are you stressed on how to create the right strategy for your Instagram Profile?  

 INSTAGRAM4FASHION is just for you.

This ultimate online course contains all of the best strategies to grow your Instagram Followers and turn them into loyal and repeated Customers for your Fashion Business.  

Think of this online course as your key to creating a profitable, successful Fashion Business and the lie you dream.  

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16 Minutes WORKSHOP about Instagram Easy Marketing and Sales Stategies to implement straight way in your Fashion Business. 

106 pages EBOOK - FULL COURSE availabe for Pc, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone, with step by step strategies ready to use, tips and tricks to grow your Instagram audience like nothing else.

The course is divided in 12 Chapters/Modules easy to learn.  

Here's what you'll find in the 12 Chapters/Modules:  

#Chapter 1 : How to write a killer Instagram Profile + Bio #Chapter 2 : How to build an irresistible feed. #Chapter 3 : How to craft beautiful Instagram Captions. #Chapter 4 : How to create the perfect #hashtag strategy. #Chapter 5 : How to make awesome Instagram stories. #Chapter 6 : How to analyze your Instagram insights and attract your right dream customers. #Chapter 7 : How to select the best tools and schedulers to grow your Instagram community. #Chapter 8 : How to choose the best automation fro your IG profile and remain authentic with your fashion business. #Chapter 9 : How to engage your followers and community, build a strong relationship with them and turn them into customers for your fashion biz. #Chapter 10 : How to run Instagram Ads + Instagram Stories Ads. #Chapter 11 : How to leverage influencers on Instagram. #Chapter 12 : Your Instagram Audit and Checklist.

BONUS The 7 Best Instagram Photo + Video Editors Apps for Your Fashion Business - an exclusive free guide only for Instagram4Fashion students, that can help you to take beautiful and attractive photos like a professional photographer.

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Click on the button below to Buy INSTAGRAM4FASHION Online Course (Workshop+Ebook+Bonus Guide) now at Only $ 47.00 (Instead of $97.00). Before the price goes up!



You can trust us!

A word from the Author

“I love fashion, art, design. I've been working in the fashion industry for more then 10 years, with my jewelry business Maiden-Art, as a fashion business coach for Ebooks4fashion and as a professor for Fashion Academies, like Accademia del Lusso and IED Moda Lab in Milan, Italy. I love thinking of fashion marketing strategies and measuring my businesses performance. I want to share my love and passion to create a successful fashion business, with the world. That’s what INSTAGRAM4FASHION is about. This online course will teach you the best practices for Instagram and a clear marketing strategy to turn your Instagram Followers into Customers for your Fashion Business.”

Maristella Colombo Fashion Business Coach and Jewelry Designer Ebooks4fashion | 

Click on the button below to Buy INSTAGRAM4FASHION Online Course (Workshop+Ebook+Bonus Guide) now at Only $ 47.00 (Instead of $97.00). Before the price goes up!



You can trust us!

Meet Francesca

"The fashion market is one of the most competitive and varied markets, and it is a duty and responsibility for every entrepreneur to try to analyze it at best and implement the right strategies to grow. We have found in Maristella a reliable and prepared consultant able to know how to guide us with peace, clarity and tranquility towards the road best suited to our goals. I highly recommend anyone who has a small / medium business or you are a freelance her online trainings and her consultancy, it will be the first of a long journey. Thank you."  

Francesca Mancini, CVO and Owner at Giardinoblu Jewelry Milan,

Meet Carolina

"Maristella’s guidance and support have been instrumental in my entrepreneurship journey. I first came to her as a very green novice chasing an idea about a fashion business; through her coaching we surpassed all of my goals and continue to grow! She is very honest in sharing her experiences and opinions, allowing me to learn from her successes and avoid potential pitfalls. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing this industry reach out to Maristella ASAP!"  

Caroline Andrews, Helping Individuals and Teams Meet their Goals! Pretty & Pepper

Meet Valentina

“I met Maristella through Linkedin for a pure case, and from the beginning had struck me for her extreme kindness, availability and professionalism. I've got to know and buy some jewelry from her Maiden-Art brand, which I find very original, modern and particular, so I highly recommend them to my customers and to all women who love a style different from the usual and a bit rock. Also, I have deepened her close acquaintance with the project, and I have once again noticed her extreme availability, customer attention, and the incredible professionalism she always shows. I consider her a highly competent professional in every field of her business, besides being a very kind, helpful person and attentive to the needs of anyone who is addressing her. I strongly recommend her online trainings and her consultancy to everyone, it is a golden and all-rounder, both humanly and professionally.”  

Valentina Lombardi, Image Consultant and Make Up Artist

Meet Erica

"I met Maristella years ago thanks to my novel" I Want To Write for Vanity Fair "and my heroine Emma Travet. I immediately liked her for her indomitable character, her extravagance and the constant desire to get involved, not only at the creation of original jewelry but also for the passion for fashion marketing, web marketing and social media (shared passion). Instead of losing unnecessary complaints about the crisis and the bizarre country we live in, Maristella has been studying on the web, often at night, the techniques of social media marketing gurus, personally treating an ad hoc strategy for Maiden Art. I appreciate it very much as a businesswoman and as a woman: she is not a spring, she is a self-made woman, talented and curious, who deserves all the success she has achieved. And much more".

Erica Vagliengo, Journalist, Web writer, Author of “I want to write for Vanity Fair” as Emma Travet,